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Card Reconciliation

Let me guess: you have a large part of your receipts on cards and you don't reconcile them, right?  Or if you do this it must be de long and expensive way , as it consumes the time of one or more employees in this task.


How does a Conciliator work?

A Conciliadora é parceira ideal para o seu negócio, independentemente do porte dele. Fazemos em segundos a conciliação de cartão, conciliação financeira e conciliação bancária de todas as suas transações, desde a venda até o depósito em conta bancária.

Other advantages of the Conciliator:

Shows sales via capture: POS, TEF e WEB.

Automatic feeding and lowering no seu Cash Flow (when integrated with the management system)

Reports by CNPJ and by bank domicile.

Is easy...


and efficient.

Dispute information from:

• Collection of purchasers' plans;


• POS rental;

• Sales dispute;

  • Inactive POS billing;


• Divergence of values;


• Fee divergence;

• Undescribed charges;

• Fee collection

expendable operational;

• Collection of a minimum fee per operation;

What do you do with the Conciliator?

•  Controls the rates charged by  operators;

•  Controls the prepayments of  receipt, checking rates and  applied rates;

It helps you to compare the rates you pay   with those practiced in the market;

•  Automates conciliation work,  reducing time and costs with  teams;

•  Prevents fraud and human error.

Agility and economy

•  O Conciliador checa_cc781905-5cde-3194-badicamend8_bb3b-51

te the transactions  carried out with the operators  of credit and debit cards and  benefits.

•  As divergências e pendências  são detectadas e apresentadas  de forma detalhada e fácil,  otimizando time is money.

• Enables a the same employee to practically monitor receipts from several branches.

Watch these short videos and clarify your doubts


We reconcile debit, credit, Tickets and also  PicPay .

And many others.

Av. Jerônimo Monteiro, 126 - Room 406-B - Centro Vitória/ES
Contact: 27-99630-2180

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