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B2C E-commerce and Marketplace

The dynamism of the current routine is leaving people with no time for even mundane tasks, such as going to the supermarket and stores to do their shopping.
Added to this, we are still experiencing a pandemic scenario that leads to distancing to preserve a nossa health.

So why not take advantage of the technology to  increase your sales , providing consumers with conditions to buy in your store through a responsive website that adapts to the screen of any device, _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_e an application?  Have you ever imagined your store in a "Virtual Mall" where consumers can find you without even knowing your physical store?

Most consumers who are proving this experience tend to permanently adopt this behavior and continue shopping online at your store .

See some advantages

Customizable solutions (definition of regions and times of delivery or withdrawal of products, payment methods, delivery fees, etc.).

Wide base of products already registered and images with standardized content and formatting for supermarkets and pharmacies. 
It can be customized and meets any type of business (commerce or services).


Built-in Google Analytics: new users, views per page, pages/session, bounce rate.


Your customers: find out who your best customers in your online store are and which ones need to be boosted.

SEO Tools - Get Found on the Internet

Our team parameterizes and updates your page to appear on the first page of Google's organic search results.

We use Rich Snippets resources in our SEO methodology to improve the display of your pages in internet search engines.

Our platform has features that help the analysis of results and parameterization of the best keywords on Google.


Av. Jerônimo Monteiro, 126 - Room 406-B - Centro Vitória/ES
Contact: 27-99630-2180

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